{5 Tips for Capturing Great Photos}

1) Take your camera everywhere!
This is very important!! No matter where you go you always want to have your camera with you!! You never know what may see. I have missed a lot of  opportunities for a photo just because I left my camera at home. DO NOT FORGET YOUR CAMERA!

2) Take photos of everything! 
Yes, when I say everything I mean everything! When I first got my camera I took photos of the floor, my feet, my stuffed animals, food, even the couch! Whatever you can find take a photo of it! Doing this helped me improve my photo skills a lot. Just taking a photo of something and figuring out new ways and angles to take the photo has helped me a lot with my photography.

3) Find beauty in everything!
Everywhere you go always look for small, unique things. Sometimes the most smallest, unnoticed things can make the most beautiful photographs that can last a life time!!

4) Edit your photos!
When I say edit your photos I am not saying  that your photos did not look great before. You do not have to edit your photos! This is just an option! I personally like to edit my photos because I think it brings out the beauty in my photos. I also think it makes my photos look more professional and I really like that look. Before, I never edited my photos until I discovered BeFunky. If you would like me to do a post on how to use BeFunky let me know down below in the comments!

5) Put love into your photos!
When you are taking a photo make sure that you like what you are taking a photo of. Enjoy it and don't make it stressful! Don't make it feel like a chore to get a great photo. You want to have a love and passion for photography! That is one of the most helpful tips for getting a great photo!


  1. Those are excellent tips, Shelby! I love them! Ha ha, yes, I'm always like, "Nah, I'm not going to need my camera this time," but then I see something beautiful and I'm think, "UGH!" XD I also love finding beauty in the little things too! And I edit some, but not all, of my photos on a great editing site called PicMonkey. I really like it! :D

    1. Thank you so much Allison!! :) Haha yes, that happens to me all the time!!! I use PicMonkey too for making verse and quote edits!! :)

  2. Amazing tips, Shelby! :)

    Have a great Thanksgiving week!

    With love and all joy,
    Allie D.

    1. Thank you so much Allie!!

      You too girl! Happy Thanksgiving my beautiful friend!!!♥

  3. These are great tips and I practice most of them! Your photos are stunning! I have used Befunky and enjoy it but mostly use Picasa and picmonkey. A tutorial on Befunky would be awesome because I am sure there are many things about it that I am unfamiliar with! Great post and Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Thank you so much Miss. Debby!! :) Awww, thank you that means a lot! I have never used Picasa, but I do use PicMonkey for making quote and verse edits. :)
      Thank you again and Happy Thanksgiving to you too!!!

  4. These are great tips Shelby! I did the same thing when I started my photo journey- taking pictures of literally everything! It was so much fun! Still is ahaha but I am just saying I don't take random pictures of everything anymore

    1. Thank you so much Vanessa!! Haha it still is pretty fun to take random photos of everything! :P

  5. These tips are very helpful Shelby! I think it would be cool to see a post about BeFunky! :)


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