A Look Back On 2015

Happy New Years Eve everyone!! Wow, I can not believe how fast the year went by! Can you? 
I have been looking back at 2015 a lot latley. 2015 has been such a great year filled with amazing things! I loved it all. Yes, 2015 did have it's hard times, but those hard times have helped me to grow to be the person I am today. God has blessed me with so many amazing people this year, online and offline. I hope you all enjoy this post and have a lovely day! :)

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January- January was a busy but fun month for me. School started back up on the 4th and a week after that we were invited to one of our really close friends wedding. It was so much fun and I loved going to it!! :D A couple weeks after that we went ice skating with our Homeschool Group. It was so much fun! I actually wrote a post about it on my old blog. You can see the post here.

Febuary- Febuary was a nice relaxed month. I actually enjoyed it! It was wasn't a good month, but it wasn't a bad month. You know what I mean? It was just nice and relaxed. :)

March- In March I had my 13th birthday! That is probably one of the best birthdays I have ever had! :) I had an amazing birthday party with my sisters and a few of my best friends. And that was the month I got my Nikon D3200!! :D March was also my Moms birthday and my siblings and I made her a cake and some cupcakes. :) We had lots of fun doing it! :)

April- April was a kicked back kind of month. Nothing to crazy was going on. My family and I got to go to Sunrise Service for the first time and it was neat to go to. Later on that day we went over to my Grandparents house and had an Easter dinner. We also searched for Easter eggs while it was snowing! :) It was a fun day. Later on towards the end of the month I got to be a photographer at a Baby Shower! I had lots of fun doing it! :) Also that month we had a surprise birthday party for one of  our leaders at Youth Group. It was so much fun to put on for her! She has been such a big part of my life and has helped me so much in my relationship with God.

May- Ok, now May has to probably be my most favorite month out of this whole year! May was so busy and loads of fun!! In the beginning of May we had our Spring Recital. I loved going up and playing my song, Piano Sonata in C Major, and listening to all of my friends, and my siblings play their songs. It was the first recital that I had played a grand piano in. All of our other recitals we played were in a small little church with an old, out of tune piano.
A few days after the recital I went and spent the night at one of my best friends for the first time! We had a photo shoot, watched a movie, had root beer floats and played MASH. It was so much fun! Just a couple days after that we had our Homeschool Field Day! :) My Mom puts it on every year and it is such a blast! :) Also, why I love this month so much is because I started this blog, Every Bit of Lovely. With the help of my awesome friend Anna! :) To end the month my Grandma took us to watch a professional Rodeo. I had a great time and it was a blast to go and watch!

June- In June summer started, and summer starting means the beginning of Swim Team! This was my second year of swim and I was really pumped! :) After a couple weeks of practicing we had a virtul meet with Weaverville! (that's another small town about an hour from were I live) It was a quite meet and was a nice one to start the swim year. Just a few days after that we had our our annual Shark-A-Thon! I was really proud of myself for swimming for 150 laps. 2 days later we had our Shrak-Fest meet. It is the biggest meet of the year and it goes on for 3 days. All of the surrounding areas come and we all compete. It was so much fun and I loved every bit of it! :) Also, that month my Aunt, Uncle and cousin came down from Montana to visit! It was so good to see them and we had such a great time! June was a really fun month but it had its hard times too.

July- In July we started it off with having a fun 4th of July! :) We went to Antelope Creek and Orrs Lake to go fishing. Sadly we didn't catch anything but it was still fun. You can see some pictures I got from the trip here. After we went fishing we came home and watched fireworks! :) On the 25th of June we went to an out of town meet in Weaverville. I had so much fun competing with other swimmers and hanging out with my friends.

August- In August swim ended and life started to go back to its normal-not-so-crazy-self. That month I went to our County Fair  twice with some of my best friends. It was lots of fun! Also, one of our really good friends from San Diego came up with her boyfriend to visit. We spent the day with each other playing games, eating, and talking. It was so much fun and it was really good to see her! :) August is also our canning month. I always love canning with my Mom and sisters.

September-  September was just a normal kind of month. School, hanging out with friends and chores was pretty much all we did. Something really fun we did though was go on a trip to the Lava Beds with some close family friends. It was lots of fun and it was really cool to go inside all of the caves.

October-  October is kind of our crazy birthday month! ;) October 1st was my Dad's birthday, and October 2nd is my sister Shealynn's birthday, October 11th is my Grandma's birthday, and October 17th is the twins birthday. For Shea's birthday she had over two of our best friends. We went to our local candy store and came home and watched movies. It was really fun! :) On the 17th Brody and Brae, the twins, turned 10!! :D We went to the mall and Brae got her ears pierced. After that we went over to a miniutare golf course and played golf. Also at the golf course there was go-karts! We all got to ride in one and it was so much fun! :)

November- November was kind of a rough month for me. My Grandpa had just been diagnosed with cancer and I was so worried and scared. Everything was just feeling so hectic! I just felt so helpless. To add on top of all of that my Dad got pneumonia and the rest of us had the stomach flu. Our family was sick almost the whole month of November. I started having emotional breakdowns because I was so sick of being sick! I couldn't go anywhere or do anything. I was miserable. I was also really afraid that we wouldn't be better in time for Thanksgiving. But, God is so awesome and we were all better by Thanksgiving. Instead of having a big sit down dinner for Thanksgiving we went Christmas tree hunting and brought our sleds. We had a lot of fun sledding and we found a really nice tree. We also roasted marsh mellows and had sandwiches. A couple days after we had my Grandparents, my Aunt and her boyfriend over for a Thanksgiving meal.

December- December was actually a pretty good month. In December everyone was feeling better and we were able to go out and do things. On the 6th my best friend and I hosted a bonfire party for our Homeschool Group. It was so much fun and I loved it!! :) December 12th is my best friends birthday so I got to spend the day and the night with her and her family. I love her family so much and I am so blessed to have them in my lives! :)
That month we had a special treat. Our parents took all of us to go watch the new Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens. It was such an awesome movie and I would totally recommend to go and watch it! :) Our Christmas was really great! I woke up to snow and presents under the tree. I had a really nice relaxing day with my family.


  1. happy new year!

    this year has seem to go bye fast!


  2. Sounds like a busy year! I went to see Star Wars just yesterday for New Year's Eve :)
    I hope your 2016 is filled with joy!

    1. It was a busy year, but it was fun. :) Really?! That is awesome! How did you like it?
      Thank you so much Simi! I hope your 2016 is filled with joy and lots of great memories. :)
      We should chat soon! I've missed chatting with you!

    2. Yeah, it was ok, but I'm not a massive Star Wars fan.
      Thank you! I'm pretty excited for 2016.
      Yeah, I'll email you soon! :)

  3. Happy 2016, love! Your year sounds awesome - ice skating is the best.

    - Ellie

    1. Thank you so much Ellie! Happy New Year!! :) I agree, ice skating is the best!


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